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Couples Fitness

Research shows that 94 percent of couples stick with their fitness programs when they work out together.
More motivation, more enjoyment...and we reward you when you hit your goals!

Train With Your Partner For Even Better Results!

There are so many reasons why enjoying and working on health and fitness plans as a couple is beneficial, that we certainly encourage you to consider this option. First of all, you will both be further benefiting from the support of each other, whilst also strengthening your relationship and spending productive time together. When you book your initial assessment with us, we will work with you as a couple to establish your mutual time availability and how best to co-ordinate your training sessions. This will be an enjoyable and productive process, and will lay the foundations of your path to success.home_2

A Plan to Suit You & Your Lifestyle

We can work with you both to help you establish an effective couple’s personal training plan. Of course you may have individual requirements within the plan, but we can work with you as a couple to establish a program that brings you together as much as possible and maximises results for you both.

Your trainer will take everything into account including your personal lifestyle, work and family commitments, to help you find the perfect plan. This will be realistic and sustainable, and will allow you both individually and as a couple to hit targets and maintain better health all round.

Benefit From Each Other’s Support

There have been many studies proving that social support is a huge factor in successful changes in behaviour, and that the person you share your life with has a huge influence on your lifestyle. As you work on health and fitness improvements as a couple, you will both naturally benefit from each other’s support, and will better understand each other’s strengths and needs as well as your own. This combined with the guidance and input of your personal instructor will help boost your success rate and make the whole experience even more fun.

Improve More Than Just Your Fitness

Just as real improvements in your health and fitness can positively impact on other areas of your life, so your relationship can benefit from personal training together as a couple. You will have a shared interest, something new and positive to talk about and enjoy. You might be competitive at times or simply supportive, but you will certainly have a lot of fun and perhaps even find new depths to your relationship. We have been delighted to witness these kinds of positive side effects when couples choose to work with us here at Anne Davidson Fitness.

What should you bring to your first session?

Firstly, to get off to a flying start, bring a positive attitude! Once your plan is agreed, you’ll be advised of what to bring & wear but you should  bring the following items to your initial assessment session:

  • Suitable loose clothing, e.g., shorts, loose top
  • Suitable footwear e.g. Trainers
  • Relevant medical history
  • Medication details
  • And don’t forget your glasses if you need them to read forms!


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