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THE ADVANTAGE OF GETTING YOUR CHILDREN INTO EXERCISE More than half (51%) of girls say they’re put off exercise at school because of negative experiences. They complain that school sport is too competitive, that being sweaty is not feminine, and that there aren’t enough female role models. According to a[...]

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Keep Fit in the Family

Fit Not Thin

IT ISN’T JUST ABOUT LOOKING GOOD, IT’S ABOUT FEELING GOOD, TOO. Strength & Fitness are the new black. Dance for longer, feel stronger, healthier, brighter and less stressed. Plan to make 2016 the most balanced you’ve ever been. Bodies are back. You can’t buy the new status symbol – you[...]

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UKA Leader License 2014

United Kingdom Athletics leader license 2014 is granted to Anne Davidson recognising the essential role played in UK sports.  

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United Kingdom Athletics

Anne Davidson on ‘Man Up’ [Video]

Fox Television commissioned a series of programmes called Man Up. Each one individually featured a man with specific issues. Terry and I were lucky enough to be asked to work with James, a farmer suffering from trust issues. In the challenges we did together hopefully he had an insight into[...]

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Man Up Video

Run England Trainer of the Year 2013

Following the stunning success of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, England Athletics initiated Run England. The aim of this campaign was to get the nation running, and for this to be inclusive for the entire community; in so doing existing barriers to participation in sport would tumble down, whilst[...]

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Run England Award