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Individual Training

Get the best results tailored to your needs & goals. Individual Personal Training can help you get fitter, faster!

Initial Consultation & Assessment

All of our new clients receive an initial consultation with one of our highly-trained specialists, who will undertake a detailed consultation and assessment. You’ll receive a full report with recommendations and, if you do continue with us, you’ll be given a full programme tailored to you , your abilities & your goals. You’ll also be given a home exercise programme (HEP) which will enable you to maximise the benefits of your programme.

Benefits for YOU!

The benefits of individual training under the guidance of a personal trainer are wide-ranging, including:

• Accountability & Motivation
• Establishing a Routine
• Gaining new Perspectives on Health, Nutrition & Fitness
• Consistent, Non-Judgemental Support
• Learning Correct Techniques
• Injury Prevention & Rehab.
• Sports Specific Training
• Building a Personal Program
• Getting Results!

Personalised Training Plan to Suit Your Ability

Because everyone will have different needs, goals and motivational levels, you will have an individualised training plan which gets you from where you are to where you want to be. With experienced, well-qualified guidance, anyone can benefit from individual training. It is our commitment and passion to make sure that everyone we work with sees real and measurable results.

Someone to Motivate You

This can involve many elements, and your personal trainer will be a constant reminder and motivator for you to continue with your individual training. It will all be planned out in the most effective and realistic ways, focusing on your personal situation and goals. You will gain new confidence and will probably discover more benefits as a result of your training which you hadn’t even thought of!

When trying to discover the most useful information for yourself, things can be confusing. There is endless ‘information’ available online and in books, but this is not always going to be for your benefit and it’s not always based on facts. Even if it has some use it might not apply to your own situation, for any number of reasons.

Get on the Right Track

This is why an initial consultation with us can help set you on the right track in your individual training. We can help you develop your own understanding of what you need to do, and support you as much as you need during this process.

It will be reassuring for you to know a trained professional is there to encourage and support your efforts in individual training, and you will most likely see some positive results straight away by taking the important step of booking your initial consultation.

What should you bring to your sessions?

Firstly, to get off to a flying start, bring a positive attitude! Once your plan is agreed, you’ll be advised of what to bring & wear but initially:

  • Suitable loose clothing, e.g., shorts, loose top
  • Suitable footwear e.g. Trainers
  • Relevant medical history
  • Medication details
  • And don’t forget your glasses if you need them to read forms!


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