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Personal Trainer

Enjoy getting back into shape…and stay that way. Anne Davidson Fitness can provide a personal training plan based on your abilities. From our studios in Sutton we will get you in shape safely, with a plan that could literally change your life!


We all know what it’s like trying to understand and plan our own health, especially in the midst of a busy and demanding world. That’s why here at Anne Davidson Fitness, we specialise in helping you to make the progress you want starting from now, and to continue in a healthy lifestyle in the future.

Healthy Lifestyle

We work closely with every aspect of your lifestyle including diet, health supplements, stress management, physical training and any other appropriate considerations.

Working with us can completely change the direction of your life for the better, as personal health and fitness also affects many other areas of life. We look at the whole person, taking into account issues such as stress levels, sleeping patterns, diet (especially where there are specific problems), occupational issues, serotonin levels (which relate to general happiness), any other concerns such as alcohol problems, and anything else which is relevant.

Experienced Trainers, Modern Equipment, Latest Techniques

We have various techniques and modern equipment in place to help establish and then to work with your health requirements. Combined with the knowledge and experience of our personal trainers, this gives you an experience second-to-none. We can quickly and accurately test various aspects of your fitness including resting heart rate, blood pressure levels, pulse rates, lung function and much more.

Keeping Track and Adjusting to Your Needs

With our dynamic testing during exercise and to measure your progress, we monitor other aspects such as muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, aerobic capacity and recovery rates. To see you make good progress towards better health and fitness, we keep track of all these aspects and more. We also explain the reasons for certain exercise and dietary recommendations to help you understand their importance.

Since everyone has different requirements depending on their own circumstances, using a personal trainer is the key to success. Reading a book or watching an online video could never replace the one-on-one experience that a personal trainer gives you, as you need more than just general information.

Your Health is Too Important – Do it Right With Us!

Your health is too important to waste time trying things which don’t work or that might even make things worse. You need a focused and professional service that takes into account your whole lifestyle and that works with you on an ongoing basis to establish the habits and routines which really work.

This is exactly what we offer at Anne Davidson Fitness, and are proud to be helping people in countless ways with health and fitness issues of all kinds.

What should you bring to your first session?

Firstly, to get off to a flying start, bring a positive attitude! Once your plan is agreed, you’ll be advised of what to bring & wear but you should  bring the following items to your initial assessment session:

  • Suitable loose clothing, e.g., shorts, loose top
  • Suitable footwear e.g. Trainers
  • Relevant medical history
  • Medication details
  • And don’t forget your glasses if you need them to read forms!
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